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Our Residential Property Management Services

We offer a full range of rental property management services tailored to you as an investor and our dedicated, experienced team has years of knowledge within the residential property development and management industry, committed to delivering outstanding customer service.

Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Prepare residential property for rental
    Our property manager will meet with you to evaluate your property and recommend any necessary improvements to obtain the optimal monthly rental amount.
    The property manager also coordinates any maintenance or repairs based on your approval. We use our extensive network of qualified suppliers to ensure that the work is done on time and at exceptional value.
  2. Determine optimal rental amount
    The property manager provides a complete market analysis, looking at comparable properties to determine the optimal monthly rental amount for your property. Our managers will work together with you to agree on the amount.
  3. Tenant placement
    We take a very targeted approach to marketing your rental property, minimizing vacancies and maximizing your profit. We pursue all leads and schedule all showings of the property, advising you in advance.
  4. Tenant screening
    We have a dedicated team of property managers willing to go the extra mile to ensure properties are rented out to good, responsible tenants and are properly managed. We require each potential tenant to complete a detailed tenancy application form, verifying their current employment and income status.
  5. Regular rental property management and inspections
    We complete a thorough inspection of your residential property, both inside and outside. This helps ensure that your property is being properly cared for and maintained, providing you with peace of mind ownership.
  6. Rental Collections
    We promptly collect your rental income from the tenant at the beginning of each month to maximize your cash flow. In addition, our property manager will serve notice to the tenant, and advise you, if the rent has not been paid.

Why Choose Baglien Residential Property Management Services

At Baglien, our aim is to make owning investment property hassle-free for all of our clients and we provide many benefits including:

  • A dedicated team of professionals willing to go the extra mile to minimize vacancies and ensure that properties are rented out to responsible tenants.
  • Attention to detail and dedication to following through with our deliverables and providing our clients with an exceptional property management service.
  • Years of experience and knowledge within the residential property management and development industry.
  • We focus on tenant retention, finding the best possible fit between tenants and the rental properties.
  • Mitigate and manage any maintenance issues that may arise.
  • Personalized service for both clients and tenants dependent on their needs.

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